I am what is known as a Gestalt Learner, so my brain works on things quietly in the background, keeping me mostly in the dark. This learning style is usually explained as having an “Aha!” moment, where everything suddenly becomes clear.

“Gestalt learners are right-brain dominant.  They are interested in how things work (mechanically), patterns, shapes, and sizes, and see a greater picture than just parts.   They have great imaginations and can have artistic talent.  Artists from Michelangelo to Rodin to Picasso and Escher exhibit gestalt principles in their work.

Michelangelo is famous for saying “I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”  Most of us look at a block of marble and see only a block of marble, not an angel.”

( This is an excerpt from a blog by VisuallyGifted)

When a Gestalt moment happens to me I find myself all alone in my thoughts, and for  a time my thoughts are held motionless. I sit and wait, I often have an empty idea. Holding on to the moment of just before for a moment longer here. Trying to understand it more deeply. I sit quietly focused on this center of me. I am in my place of long thoughts, I feel joy. I enjoy my inner universe completely. I am here. And then: as fast as the speed of light I am there, in the new and in the solved. And in the now. I understand completely.

I exist in a transitive state of all knowing after not knowing.  I know my vessel is always empty before it is filled.. I can initiate a flow of enthusiasm by preparing a place for it. I can create joy and passion by making room for them.  I begin with my center, and then I see myself going through each and every step I  perform to successfully complete any task perfectly. I understand this form of my existence. I give form in this instance to mean manifestation and not embodiment because there is no language here in this place of mine. There are not any words. There are no words, you must see it.

“The right-brain dominance of gestalt learners can be at the expense of left-brain activities.  This is why some very bright children can be late talkers.  Language comes, but at a delay and finding the words to express themselves can be difficult.” (VisuallyGifted)


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