Popularizing Linguistics Through Online Media

Since starting out on WordPress I have been introduced to so many writers who are of such a high caliber.
I really feel excited to be here learning. I have read many books about linguistics. My favourite is: You Just Don’t understand by Deborah Tannen.
I have a communication disability and I have spent many Years studying effective communication techniques in order to help me assure that my efforts at personal expression are understandable.
I will give you as an example, I have chosen the word assure in this instance because it means “tell someone something positively or confidently to dispel any doubts they may have.” instead of the more commonly used ensure, which I suggest means ” make (something) certain to happen. ”
Linquistic understanding has provided me witheffective communication tools assure that the meta-message of my communications is more immediately apparent.


Sometime last spring, I got an email from Doug Bigham, a linguist at San Diego State University who I’d met at LSA 2011. He wanted to put together a special session for the LSA 2015 conference that took place last weekend in Portland, Oregon. The theme would be “Popularizing Linguistics Through Online Media,” and he figured that I could talk about blogging; Gretchen McCulloch, about her All Things Linguistic Tumblr page; Arika Okrent, about her listicle pieces on Mental Floss and TheWeek; Michael Maune [maUni], about his #lingchat hashtag on Twitter; Ben Zimmer, about writing for the in-print but also online Wall Street Journal and other news outlets; and Michael Erard, about the new Schwa Fire online linguistics magazine. Doug himself would talk about his linguistics YouTube channel, and tying it all together would be the discussant, Anne Curzan of the University of Michigan, who did…

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